The Alaska Political Report was founded in 2021. It quickly grew to become one of the most useful political resources for those who have a stake in Alaska politics.


  • Budget (Operating and Capital)
    • Changes tracked from governor’s introduction to final passage. Breakdowns at each step in the budget process:
      • Initial (December 15)
      • Amended budget (Mid-February)
      • House (Finance subcommittees, full Finance Committee, floor)
      • Senate (Finance subcommittees, full Finance Committee, floor)
      • Conference Committee
      • Governor’s signing and vetoes
  • New bills introduced
    • By legislators
    • By the governor, with transmittal letters
  • Monthly provision of governor, lieutenant governor, key commissioners:
    • Daily public calendar
    • Public correspondence
  • Hirings and departures
    • Legislative staff
    • Key executive branch staff
  • State of Alaska public meeting notices and announcements
    • Agencies, APOC, AIDEA, Permanent Fund Corporation, Redistricting Board, boards and commissions
    • News conferences and press releases
  • Lobbying contracts
  • Campaign season
    • New candidate and group filings
    • Financial disclosures
    • Campaign disclosures
    • Tracking major ad buys

Email newsletter frequency

  • Weekly during session
  • Twice monthly during interim
  • Important updates as needed